Simple Health Tips to Avoid Dry Skin

Simple Health Tips to Avoid Dry Skin

Debra Murray


Winter is almost here, and with it comes the chilly air that nips at noses and reddens cheeks. For older adults and those with sensitive skin, this time of year can be extra hard on exposed skin. Winter weather is known for causing dryness, flaking, itching and cracking that could lead to more serious problems. This is the time to take extra care of the skin, and in so doing so, the body.


Use moisturizers to lubricate the skin

As a person approaches their 40’s, skin begins to lose its elasticity.


After the age of 60, skin seems to become thinner. This results in it becoming dryer than usual. The most important thing anyone can do is keep the skin lubricated.


Many people use pure prime emu oil because of its penetrating powers. Emu oil is easily absorbed into the skin; it only takes a little and because of its quick absorption it does not have to be rubbed vigorously. Studies have shown that emu oil thickens the skin, which makes it superior to other moisturizers.


Apply Moisture more frequently

When applying moisturizers, it is best to apply more than once a day. After bathing, apply no more than 3-4 minutes after towel-drying. Don't ever vigorously rub the skin when drying. Pat gently instead. If using pure prime emu oil, an added benefit is the natural fragrance and anti-inflammatory properties that naturally soothe the skin.


Keep a clean house and bedding

It may be hard to believe, but a clean house and bedding can play a part in helping to relieve dry skin conditions. It is recommended that bedding be washed at least once a week.


A well dusted and vacuumed home plus clean bedding will keep down dust mites, which are known to irritate skin and make it harder for skin conditions to heal.


Drink water

Drink plenty of water. This is good advice for anyone, no matter your age. But older adults can become dehydrated very easily. This will add to dry skin problems.


What to avoid

Avoid very hot water. It can actually damage the skin. Also avoid perfume scented and alcohol-based moisturizers. Mature skin needs an oil-based lubricant, like emu oil. This is because it is pure and natural and contains nothing to irritate skin.


If these generalized tips are followed, dry skin should not be much of a problem in the coming winter. Plus, the added bonus is that you will look younger! 



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