Simple Health Tips to Ease and Avoid Bursitis

Simple Health Tips to Ease and Avoid Bursitis

Debra Murray


Bursae are sacs that are filled with fluid; these sacs are found all over the body. They provide the necessary cushioning and lubrication that muscles, bones, and tendons need in areas where they move across each other. Bursitis is a painful condition where the bursae are inflamed or damaged, thus causing pain. In order to ease the pain of bursitis and to prevent it altogether, there are several steps you can take. 


Bursitis and arthritis may be hard to differentiate. In addition, arthritis often leads to bursitis. Super Blue Stuff OTC and Super White Stuff OTC are approved for both arthritis and muscle pain, and many customers report excellent results when used for their bursitis. 


Easing Bursitis Pain 


One way to help alleviate the pain of bursitis is to wear a brace around the area that is causing you pain. By wearing a brace, your movement is restricted, and the inflammation has a chance to go down. You should also rest the afflicted joint. Rest is a very good remedy to ease bursitis pain. 


You can also reduce pain from bursitis by using an ice pack. Placing an ice pack with a towel wrapped around it onto the joint that is giving you pain can help reduce inflammation. The reduction in inflammation will lessen the pain. A heating pad is also effective for relieving pain. It can be used a few times a day. 


Proper stretching helps ease bursitis pain. Just gently stretch your joint for 15 to 30 seconds a few times a day.  


Avoiding Bursitis 


Everyone needs proper exercise to stay fit, healthy, and feeling great. If you overexert yourself by exercising more than your body can handle, then bursitis can develop. Also, if you go from a long period of rest and then do taxing physical activity all of a sudden, it can cause bursitis as well. To avoid bursitisease into exercise. Don't overdo it, and only do as much as you can easily handle. Also, try to keep your activity level roughly the same throughout the week.  


Repetitious movements are a main cause of bursitisIf you are doing anything repetitively like moving your arm up and down constantly to paint a room, you need to take breaks often to prevent strain and bursitis. Alternating between arms helps as well.  


Do not sit on chairs that are very uncomfortable. Sit on a cushioned chair. Also, never sit for longer than 30 minutes. Take breaks and walk around for a minute or two.  


Bursitis doesn't have to cause you pain and trouble. You can ease the pain and avoid bursitis altogether by following these simple steps.  



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