Simple Tips for Healthy Blood Pressure

Simple Tips for Healthy Blood Pressure

Debra Murray

Maintaining healthy blood pressure can be a concern, but there are things you can do to make it happen. Here are some tips for keeping those blood pressure numbers down. 


Reduce sodium  

Sodium makes the body retain water, and that raises blood pressure. A good way to reduce sodium is to eat fewer processed foods. Another good way is to buy low-sodium food alternatives. Avoid soda, including diet soda, and add less salt to your food. You should take in less than 1500 mg. of sodium per day. 


Drink lots of water  

Your body will flush out the water and this will lower your blood pressure. Don't drink caffeinated drinks, though, because they raise blood pressure. 


Eat healthy foods  

Whole-grain breads and pastas, fresh fruits and vegetables, and low fat dairy products are all good choices. They help you avoid foods with high salt and fat contents. Fruits and vegetables also contain potassium, which can block the bad effects of sodium.  


Lose some excess weight  

That makes it easier for your heart to pump blood, and in turn that will lower your blood pressure. Even 10 pounds will make a difference. It's especially helpful to lose weight around your waist. Men should have less than a 40" waist, and women should have less than a 35" waist. 


Get some exercise 

Exercise lowers blood pressure by making your heart stronger, so its work is easier. Thirty to sixty minutes of exercise a day is ideal, but three times a week will also help. Exercise doesn't have to be tedious. It can be something you enjoy, like golf, bowling, or walking in the woods or park. 


Limit alcohol  

Alcohol has been shown to help blood pressure in small amounts. But too much of it raises blood pressure. Both men and women should have no more than one drink per day. If you don't already drink, it's probably best not to start. 


Consider a supplement 

There are many substances available that have the ability to lower blood pressure. Its okay to consider taking a supplement made from safe, natural ingredients. 

Remember, high blood pressure usually has no symptoms, and doctors say that half the people who have it don't know that they do. So you want to be pro-active, and take some effective steps for reducing your blood pressure. 



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