The Five Best Hair Care Tips for Anti-Aging

The Five Best Hair Care Tips for Anti-Aging

Debra Murray


As a person ages, their hair begins to change in texture and color. The follicles shrink, and growth slows down These signs of getting older are natural and normal, but some people who still feel young on the inside want their outside to match. Luckily, there are five easy ways to get your hair to look younger fast. 


  1. Add Some Body


Hair that is thin and flat makes a person look older. By adding body and volume, a few years can be taken off someone's appearance. This can be done by conditioning the hair properly. Only add conditioner from the roots to about halfway up the hair. Applying emu oil to the scalp will increase the volume of hair a person has.  


  1. Blow-Dry the Right Way


Aging hair becomes coarser over time and it gets more flyaways and frizz. This can be fixed by blow-drying it properly. First, gently squeeze out as much water as possible. Never rub wet hair because it damages it. Then, smooth on some natural hair care products, such as pure emu oil from BLUESPRINGComb the oil through the hair starting at the roots. Begin blow-drying from the roots to the tips. It helps to flip the hair over while you do this because it gives it more volume.  


  1. Cover Your Gray


White or silver hair is instantly aging, but many people don't want to use toxic, ammonia-based dyes on their hair. The trick is to add color to cover the gray with natural herbal tea. Blondes can use tea made with chamomile flowers. Brunettes need rosemary tea. And redheads can try rose petal tea. Simply steep a cup of the right tea, and let the hair soak in it for about 30 minutes. Make sure the tea is completely cool before applying.  


  1. Choose the Right Haircut


Short hair is common in older people because it is so easy to take care of. However, getting older doesn't mean that a person has to cut their hair off if they don't want to. Long locks that are well maintained are youthful and vibrant, especially if someone goes for a layered look that gently frames the face.  


  1. Change the Way You Wash


The production of oil in the scalp diminishes over time, so many older people don't have to wash their hair every day like the way they did when they were younger. In fact, over washing the hair strips it of the oil that it does have, which makes it more dry and brittle. Instead, try washing the hair every other day. 





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