The Health Benefits of Joining Active Adult Communities

The Health Benefits of Joining Active Adult Communities

Debra Murray

Many senior citizens and retirees are trading in their homes to live in an active adult community. These establishments allow people of a certain age to purchase or rent a home in a gated community that has a lot more benefits. The lawns and landscaping are all maintained for the residents and there are a fixed amount of expenses each month, which can match up well to a fixed income in retirement. There are also a lot of local entertainment options, so people always have something to do, which is why they are called “active” communities. Some may even continue to work at their jobs, whether choosing fewer hours or keeping to their previous schedule. With the freedom to come and go as they please, including trips to visit family, take vacations and cruises, or simply go around town for shopping, dining, and other activities, residents don't feel tied down like they might in a nursing home. As an added benefit, the environment often helps people improve their health in the following ways: 


Better Quality of Life From Social Interactions 

Isolation has devastating effects on a person mentally and physically. We are social beings, and even the most independent people thrive best with others around them. Most senior citizens have children who have already moved out of their shared home and are raising families of their own, so the empty nesters don't have family to keep them company as often as they used to. Friends and acquaintances can help to fill that place for many, but sometimes distance or other limitations make it difficult to be in close contact as often as one might want. Active adult communities bring people together, which helps them to maintain human interaction day-in and day-out. This often prevents the depression and anxiety that accompany isolation and the feeling of being alone.


Encouragement to Stay Active 

Staying active is so much easier when you live in an environment that encourages physical activities. Sometimes, there are dance classes and places to make crafts. Or there could be a busy game room with board games, puzzles, or even a court where everyone can play shuffleboard, bocce ball, or other popular activities. There are also usually some type of exercise facilities for working out or  a pool to go swimming in. These communities are built around activity, so there is usually no shortage of choices to keep busy.


Support From Others the Same Age 

Camaraderie is important for a person's emotional health because it makes us feel a sense of belonging. Many people find that when they are surrounded with others who understand what they are going through, the sense of community and friendship is very uplifting. Everyone who lives in an active adult community will be roughly the same age and at the same stage of life, so they can support and encourage each other. 


Healthy Food Availability 

Senior citizens may have health problems that make cooking or getting to the grocery store difficult. People in such a situation often end up eating food that has a lower nutritional quality simply due to the convenience or ease of preparing it. But it doesn't have to be that way! That is why many active adult life communities offer restaurants or a cafeteria that residents can go to for a meal instead, ensuring that they don't become deficient in critical vitamins or other nutrients. 


Medical Staff 

Getting medical attention couldn't be simpler when you have an on-site medical staff that is available 24-hours a day. So if someone in these communities begins to feel ill in the middle of the night, they can get treatment fast. The staff can also assist with filling prescriptions, ordering products online from Emu Therapy, or health check-ups.  



If you or someone you know is interested in living in an active adult community, be sure to ask a lot of questions and take a tour to see what they have available. Each community is going to be different, and they might not have all the same listed amenities. Some facilities offer other extras like on-site laundry facilities and transportation to the doctor. Find the options that are most important to you and start living your best life!




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