The Most Common Causes of Joint Pain

The Most Common Causes of Joint Pain

Debra Murray


The joints act as connectors to all the bones of the body. Their job is to allow a person to move easily. Joints get a lot of use as a person ages, so they have to be tough, but they aren't impermeable to disease or injury. The most common sign that there is something wrong with one of the joints is pain. It can be caused by many medical conditions, but the following are some of the most common ones that occur: 


Rheumatoid Arthritis 

This severe type of arthritis is an autoimmune disease that is extremely painful. The body attacks the tissue in the joints, which makes them swollen and disfigured. When this happens, walking or other types of movement becomes very difficult. Unfortunately, many of the prescription medications that are given for rheumatoid arthritis focus on lowering the immune system to prevent it from causing more harm. This makes a person more susceptible to other diseases and infections that they can't fight off without a strong immune system. Because of this, many patients prefer to soothe their rheumatoid arthritis symptoms with natural joint pain relief products. 



This mystery illness affects many people each year, but doctors have yet to acknowledge it. So far, all that is known is that it is caused by sensitive, overactive nerves that emit pain signals to the brain even if a person isn't injured. The slightest brush against someone with fibromyalgia can cause them blinding pain in their muscles and joints. Sometimes, they may also get painful headaches. Due to some skepticism of this disease by doctors, getting the proper treatment can be very difficult for patients who have it.  


Carpal Tunnel Syndrome 

The persistent overuse of a joint can cause it damage. This condition is especially common in people who work at a computer all day long. The joints that connect their hands to their arms become more painful each day that passes. They also lose strength, so lifting objects as small as a pen becomes difficult. Braces that prevent the joint from bending help some, but they make movement more difficult. 



The bursa acts like a cushion for each of the joints in the body. If it becomes swollen and painful, it is called bursitis. Exercise, massage, and natural joint pain remedies help to lessen the pain from this condition, but it can persist for years.  



If a person has a fairly sedentary life, their joints can be injured by any sudden movements. This is common in people who have to unexpectedly run fast to catch a taxi or chase a dog. Or perhaps, they have to quickly lift something very heavy. The strain causes pain in the joints that were affected by the overexertion for weeks afterwards.  


While there are some natural remedies that are worth trying, all of these conditions require medical help from a doctor. If you have been experiencing the symptoms of any of the above, don't try to treat them yourself; It could cause more harm than good.






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