Simple Health Tips for Managing Pain While Traveling

Simple Health Tips for Managing Pain While Traveling

Debra Murray


The effects of flying and driving for long hours can make anyone feel stiff and sore. Back pain is the most prevalent problem for many travelers. Traveling can especially be a pain if you already have circulation problems, back pain or arthritis. If you take the time to consider these basic travel tips before disembarking on your next long journey you can minimize those aches and pains by a marginal amount.


Only Use Shoes That You Know You Can Rely On

Comfortable shoes are vital for people who are flying. It's tempting to go for the cute or new shoes that have not yet been broken in. Oftentimes, those seemingly comfortable shoes are not a perfect fit as they first seemed. Having no choice but to walk even a short distance will develop a nasty blister or sore quickly. Only choose shoes you have worn often enough to ensure that a wrong fit won't happen.


Pack Light to Protect Your Posture and Back

Lugging around heavy luggage will certainly make traveling more tiresome and strenuous on your hands, arms and back. Traveling is less stressful when you do not need to carry anything larger than a medium sized purse or knapsack. Skip the larger carry-on luggage that must be placed in an overhead compartment. In many cases, reaching up to place or remove heavy bags is dangerous for the back. This also applies to cars. Traveling light can sometimes be a good idea when traveling by car also. Too many objects in a vehicle will limit how much leg room is available.


Topical Creams

Topical creams work well for people who do not react well with medications such as aspirin or Tylenol and can save the day for those who deal with chronic pain. They provide immediate relief when rubbed into the surface of the skin for joint and muscle pains. Natural products are a safe alternative because they not irritating on the body and typically less stressful than many of their medicated counterparts. A small 1 oz. jar of Super Blue Stuff OTC is easy to carry and has only a light peach scent when applied. It works in as fast as five minutes with no negative side effects because it is made completely of natural ingredients, such as oils and herbs.


Meditation Music and Massage Therapy

Mind over matter is a powerful deterrent. If you relax deeply enough it can have a tangible effect on smoothing muscles and settling inflamed nerves. Earphones, small music players, or even earplugs, are a simple but effective way to drown out the surrounding noise. Eye masks work great to deepen relaxation. A massage before or after a long trip can help deter some pains from forming.



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