Warning: Beware the Causes of Dry Skin

Warning: Beware the Causes of Dry Skin

Debra Murray

Avoid Dry, Aging Skin 

Dry skin can occur any time of year; however, it seems to flare up more in the winter than any other season due to the low levels of humidity. When the air outside is cold and dry, the moisture in your skin evaporates causing your skin to feel dry and tight and sometimes even flaky and irritated. There are also several other reasons why this may occur. Being aware can help one avoid the discomfort and threat of something worse. It can also avoid the look of premature aging. Unfortunately, dry skin and aging are closely linked.


Old Man Winter 

As the weather turns cold and the breezes turn brisk, a person's skin will quickly dry out. Cold wind will instantly chap, redden and take the moisture out of skin. Heaters are often something to consider as well. Although they tend to make the room feel cozy and welcoming on cold nights, the circulating warm air in the room will also negatively affect skin that is already aggravated, drawing out more of the moisture in the room and your skin. Gas heat is especially drying to skin.


In Hot Water 

During the winter, people tend to take warmer showers and baths to help warm up from the cold. Not only did the cold weather they were subjecting their skin to take a toll, but now the hot water will dry the skin out as well. Hot water will deplete the skin of its natural oils, leaving it dry and chapped, sometimes itchy. Bathing or showering too long can also cause the skin to lose its moisture and become irritated, so quick baths or showers are suggested to maintain moisture. Lotions with aloe vera have been shown to help relieve some of the discomfort our skin may endure.


Not-So-Friendly Aging Process 

As people age, so does their skin. It’s a natural occurrence we just can’t avoid. Age-induced dryness is a common issue. Not only does skin lose collagen and elasticity, but it also loses its natural oils, which help it to stay moist, vibrant and youthful. Aging is not friendly on the body and it will show in the skin over time. Due to the loss of oil glands as we age, the aged skin will unfortunately lose its naturally occurring moisture and become more subjectable to the harsh elements.


Medications Help and Hinder 

While a person takes medication to help with illnesses, diseases and to ease symptoms, some medications have a negative side effect causing dryness of the skin. This does not mean they should stop taking medications, just be aware and stay ahead of medication's potential side effect.


Diseases of the Skin 

There are too many diseases to even begin to number. Some of these are directly related to the skin, such as psoriasis, dermatitis and eczema. Others may affect skin quality and suppleness. Skin diseases may not have any symptoms that will make a person feel ill, but they can certainly affect someone’s appearance.


Avoid Looking Aged and Worn Because of Dry Skin 

These are just a few reasons as to why a person's skin becomes dry. No matter what the cause, dry skin can be annoying and painful. It can also make a person look aged and worn.


A person can stay a step ahead of dry skin if they pay attention to reasons why their skin would dry out.


Preventing dry skin can be easily done with simple daily maintenance. If a person has ever experienced itchy, chapped, cracked and sometimes bleeding skin, they will agree it is worth preventing.


Pure Prime Emu Oil will not only thicken the skin to avoid the look of aging, but it will also penetrate deeply to bring added moisture and end inflammation. It is the best ally to fight both dry skin and aging.



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