What Are the Best Anti-Aging Remedies?

What Are the Best Anti-Aging Remedies?

Debra Murray

What are the Best Anti-Aging Remedies? 


Whoever said that people have to grow old gracefully obviously didn't know much about the natural aging process. There are numerous ways to reverse the mental and physical signs of aging. And none of them involve plastic surgery or pharmaceuticals. Read on to find out more about four of the best anti-aging remedies available. 


Emu Oil 


Pure emu oil comes from the fat of the emu bird when it is being processed. It has remarkable properties that help to smooth scars, lessen the appearance of blemishes, and can help reverse the signs of aging. It also helps to reduce redness, swelling, and inflammation when it is applied topically. Some use it as a natural pain-reliever because it known to soothe sore muscles as well. But make sure you are getting a high quality oil that is not reduced with lesser oils to make it less expensive. Pure Prime Emu Oil from Emu Therapy contains only the highest quality emu oil, refined with care and understanding to preserve the best qualities of emu oil and produce a product that can be trusted.




This flower has become increasingly popular because of the research done by Russians in regards to its effects on reducing the stress response of the body. Soldiers who are in the middle of a battle-zone that take rhodiola can be in a stressful situation without having the same physical and emotional response to it that they would without it. Studies have shown that rhodiola has the ability to increase someone's lifespan by up to 25%. And it can prevent high blood pressure, boost the immune system, and relieve depression too.  


Maca Root 


This root comes from a plant that grows in the mountains of Peru. It isn't easy to find, but the locals there include it as a part of their daily food intake. Maca root is also given to the livestock. The reason for this is its remarkable ability to increase health and fertility. It boosts the immune system and revitalizes low hormone levels, which helps to increase stamina, healthy skin, and muscle mass. There have also been reports of it boosting the sex drive in men, women, and cattle. 




Ginseng is known as a “cure-all” for almost all ailments in Asia because of all its reported health properties. This herb works well to increase an aging person's failing memory and concentration, so they have a higher level of mental sharpness than they would otherwise. Women often take it because it increases the production of lymphocytes in the body, which naturally declines over time. This slows down the aging process. Ginseng can sometimes be found in a natural anti aging cream form that can be easily applied to the skin. 


Be sure to check with your doctor before giving any of these natural remedies a try. They are all safe to use, but some of them could interfere with other medications that a person takes. For those who are interested, emu oil can be purchased on our Emu Therapy website.  









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