Best Natural Body Care Products

Best Natural Body Care Products

Debra Murray

What Do the Best Natural Body Care Products Consist Of? 

Unfortunately, many of the body care products that are sold on the market today aren't really that healthy. They are loaded with chemicals that cause more harm than good. But these unhealthy ingredients get listed with long, meticulous names that make no sense to a person unless they have a degree in chemistry. That is why it helps to know what to look for in a good quality body care product. Read on for a short list of the essentials.  

Natural Oils 

Many beauty products have petroleum-based oils that are manufactured with toxic chemicals that can cause cancer from long-term exposure to them. Some better alternatives are coconut oil, argan oil, and almond oil. Emu oil is very effective too. In fact, emu oil is one of the best oils to apply to the skin because it soothes and moisturizes the skin so well.  

Natural Colorants

The color of a beauty product has to be appealing, so a consumer will want to use it. There are many plant-based dyes that can provide color without any harmful chemicals though. One of them is beet juice. It stains liquids a lovely shade of deep burgundy. Chamomile flowers can make things yellow. And lemongrass tea dyes liquids a pale green. 

Organic Plant Extracts 

Instead of grinding up plant matter to rub on the skin, it makes sense to use just the most beneficial part of it, which is the essence. This essence is extracted using a distillation process that turns plants into essential oils, which are commonly used in natural remedies. The plants have to be organic though. Those that are grown with pesticides and toxic fertilizers add more toxins to the body. The plant extracts that are used in body care products depend on what type of products a person needs. For dry, rough skin, one might choose lavender. For skin infections, sage is more beneficial. So remember, always read the label of each body care product before you buy it. What covers the skin has to be just as healthy as the foods and liquids that you eat and drink. Avoid anything that has confusing names of ingredients because they are probably unhealthy chemicals. The best natural body care products have only organic, natural ingredients in them.



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