What's Your HealthStyle?

What's Your HealthStyle?

Katie Hightower



Do you wake up in the morning before the sun is up and throw on your running shoes and hit the road? Do you prefer to feel the sun on your skin as you stretch and breathe deeply? Is your house a flurry of lunch making-shoe tying chaos when the alarm goes off? Your HealthStyle is your choice. There are many different ways to embrace your HealthStyle.


What is a HealthStyle anyway?


HealthStyle is very simply the way you choose to live your life. Many people are searching for a healthy way to balance their busy daily lives. At BLUESPRING we want to highlight and celebrate your individual HealthStyle, providing you with a resource to seek new health tips and activities that align with your goals.


What kinds of HealthStyles are out there?


Making the most of your life begins here, as you start your journey into a healthy lifestyle. Ease yourself into new activities and creating new healthy habits.
Being a parent is overwhelming, to say the least. There is rarely enough time in the day to get all of your tasks completed. But you can turn regular daily tasks, like making lunches or getting ready for school, into new healthy activities.
The ‘Rise and Grind’ lifestyle, athletes prioritize the time in their day by structuring works that are tailored to hone their skills in specific areas. Many aspects of their daily life relate to their training including eating and sleeping.
In the last five years, the rise of a social HealthStyle has begun. Many people participate in online challenges such as whole 30 (eating clean for 30 days), or run streaks (running at least one mile per day for at least a month), and document those results on social media for others to see. While others will take the more traditional route of joining cooking classes, or running groups, all while utilizing the support from their friends as motivation for their new HealthStyle. Beginning healthier habits is always easier when you have the support of family and friends, some of whom will take up the challenges with you!
Mental acuity is extremely important in today’s world where the softening of the mind is more prevalent than ever. Adopting a cerebral HealthStyle, like using games such as Sudoku or jigsaw puzzles to sharpen the mind or even learning a new language, is one way to increase mental function and ability.
On the edge of a new year, many people commit to weight-loss goals. A weight-loss HealthStyle isn’t just focused on bringing you out of bad habits but more about creating new lifelong healthy habits. These new weight-loss habits will help bring your body into a new phase where you’ll feel better every day.
When you retire it can be tempting to lean back in a rocking chair and observe the world as it flies by your front porch. But retirement can be an opportunity for new adventures! Perhaps you’d like to take up badminton or bocce ball, maybe there’s a photography class you’ve always wanted to take. The retired HealthStyle is all about staying active and engaged, seizing the opportunities that you’ve always wanted to take advantage of.


Of course, a HealthStyle isn’t limited to these things. Whether you’re a retiree or a busy parent, your HealthStyle is what you make it. It’s time for us to step into a brand new year and embrace healthier and happier choices. At BLUESPRING, we want to encourage you to choose your own adventure in 2018 and embrace your HealthStyle.




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