Whole Leaf Aloe Vera and Pain Relief

Whole Leaf Aloe Vera and Pain Relief

Debra Murray

The aloe vera is a plant that offers numerous benefits and has been used by several cultures for its healing properties. Some of the benefits of this antioxidant-rich plant include weight loss, pain relief, quick healing, constipation relief and moisture restoration. Apart from that, when eaten, this plant helps remove toxins from the digestive track, improves bowel function and provides nutrients and antioxidants.


One of the most common uses of this plant is pain relief. The aloe vera, also referred to as the aloe barbadensis, has a special nutrient-dense gel that is clear and jelly-like. The gel can be obtained by opening the plant and extracting it. This powerful gel offers moisturizing properties that can reduce the pain of cuts, blisters and burns. What makes the gel great for reducing pain is the fact that it has gel and latex as its main components in addition to antioxidants that can boost circulation.


The Aloe Plant and Pain Relief

There is some scientific evidence that shows how aloe heals skin. Supposedly, there are some chemicals in this plant that have been shown to naturally improve the circulation in the skin, thus increasing the rate of healing.


Another reason why the aloe vera is used for pain relief is the fact that it helps trap moisture at the site of injury while reducing the pain. Applying aloe topically is a great way to reduce the stinging sensation of a burn, cut, sunburn, cold sore or wound. Not only can aloe reduce pain, it has also been shown to ward off infections and fungi since it has enzymes that kill them off; it also has been shown to benefit the skin cells and improve psoriasis. Overall, using aloe vera for pain relief is great because it’s effective and doesn’t have any side effects.


Other Benefits of Aloe

Aloe vera is commonly used to reduce pain, but it has other uses as well. When applied topically, it can help prevent damage caused by radiation if it’s applied before and after a treatment session.


How to Get the Benefits

There are two ways you can get the benefits of the aloe plant. You can either use the real plant or purchase a product that contains aloe.


Many of our products, including Super Blue Stuff OTC pain relief cream, contain Whole Leaf Aloe Vera in its purest form and quality.



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