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Super Blue Stuff OTC Pain Relief Cream

Super Blue Stuff OTC is the real deal. No side effects, no fancy gimmicks. Just good old natural pain relief that's been the secret weapon for millions. Arthritis acting up? Muscle pain making you want to throw in the towel? Backaches, sprains, bruises – you name it, this stuff tackles it head-on. It’s your go-to powerhouse for natural pain relief. And this isn't your typical remedy; it's the standout star in the world of natural and effective relief. Join the party with those who've found relief with Super Blue Stuff OTC, a reliable solution without the fuss.

What sets us apart? Super Blue Stuff OTC is not just a remedy; it's an FDA-registered stalwart in the realm of pain relief, ensuring you can trust its effectiveness against:


  • Arthritis and joint pain

  • Myalgia (muscle pain)

  • Backaches

  • Sprains and strains

  • Bruises

  • Neck pain


Whether you're contending with arthritis, muscle pain and discomfort, or stubborn back pain, Super Blue Stuff OTC is on your team. The key is in the menthol – a quick application can have you feeling relief in just five minutes. There’s no need to fear; we've fine-tuned the formula for the perfect balance of cool and tingling, bringing fast relief from your pain with no negative side effects or overwhelming stimulation that may come with over-compensating with too much of a good thing.


But the story doesn't end with menthol – our herbal ensemble steals the show. Other powerful natural herbs, oils, and botanical ingredients like whole leaf aloe vera, emu oil, grape seed extract, MSM, and Vitamin E tocopherol unite to combat burns, irritations, and inflammation. Arnica, coriander, chamomile, and more round out the dynamic team you want in your corner.


Are you ready to upgrade your pain management game with a product as effective as it is rebellious? Look no further than Super Blue Stuff OTC. Pain, consider yourself served.

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★★★★★ At 103 years old, the Super Blue Stuff is what helps me still get around and be mobile. I share with my family and they like it too!
~ Beatrice R.

★★★★★ I had lost all hope and confidence in creams and lotions, and a friend gave me some of the Super Blue Stuff to try. I had been using a cane and after using Super Blue Stuff for a week or less, I stopped using the cane and can walk now. I am so thrilled! I have tried everything.
~ Emily R.

Super White Stuff OTC Pain Relief Cream

Super White Stuff OTC is where simplicity meets efficacy. Experience relief without the fuss because sometimes, less is more. In a world cluttered with pain remedies, Super White Stuff OTC emerges as the straight-shooting hero. This isn't your average pain relief – it's a rebel with a cause, unapologetically breaking the mold, and introducing the argan oil twist.


What Sets Super White Stuff OTC Apart?


  • Peppermint Powerhouse: Enjoy the refreshing scent of natural peppermint – no fluff, just the straightforward aroma of relief.

  • Paraben-Free Zone: Bid farewell to chemical parabens; we prefer the natural route for preserving our powerhouse formula.

  • Purely White: No added colors here – our product is clean and pure.

  • No Residue Resilience: Say goodbye to sticky or greasy aftermaths – our formula ensures a clean, efficient experience.

  • Menthol Precision: We've mastered the menthol game – enough to deliver a cool punch without the unnecessary burn.

  • Side-Effect Safeguard: Tired of the gamble with oral pain meds? Super White Stuff OTC guarantees relief without the unwanted surprises.

  • Herbal Harmony: Our secret sauce? A carefully curated blend of therapeutic herbs and oils that doesn't just mask pain – it tackles it head-on.

  • Swift Action Against the Usual Suspects: Arthritis and joint pain, Myalgia (muscle pain), Backaches, Sprains and strains, Bruises, & Neck pain.

Embracing Nature's Harmony: The Essence of Argan Oil

Step into the embrace of nature with the gentle power of argan oil – a gift from the earth known for its nurturing and soothing touch. We've seamlessly woven the natural healing properties of argan oil into our time-honored formula, creating a synergy that brings you swift and effective relief.

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PR-288: Super White Stuff OTC 4-oz. jar

With Argan Oil Beginning February 2024!

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★★★★★ The white stuff roll-on seems to have greatly helped my arthritic knee. I have less pain and discomfort and it is improving daily.
~ Dennis M.

★★★★★ Have been using this for years. It really helps with breakthrough back pain.
~ Jkags W.

Foot & Leg Comfort Cream with Pain Relief

What Makes Foot & Leg Comfort Cream the Real Deal?

With your pain in mind, we've specifically formulated a blend of trusted natural ingredients to make those tired muscles and swelling a thing of the past. Using just the right amount of menthol, you can experience a cooling effect so divine that applying this cream becomes the highlight of your day. Our other amazing ingredients add to the effects of menthol to invigorate tired muscles, curb swelling, boost circulation, and bid adieu to pesky varicose veins. If your feet and legs are suffering from pain, swelling, irritation, or fatigue – whether it affects you when you are awake or sleep – look no further. No side effects, just sweet relief, ready for daily use. It's the cool breeze your limbs crave.


Since it is made with natural ingredients, Foot & Leg Comfort cream is safe for diabetics. No worries – just relief.


How Do I Use Foot & Leg Comfort?

Apply a generous but thin coat of product to clean, dry feet and legs. Massage thoroughly to feel instant revitalization and relief. Apply before and after placing stress on legs and feet – a long day of work, exercise, or other activity.

Tips for Best Use

  • Apply thin coats more frequently rather than a large amount of product all at once.

  • Apply product at pressure points – in addition to the area where you feel pain, apply to the pressure points just above and below that spot.

  • If you don’t feel relief within 5-15 minutes, apply Foot & Leg Comfort again until you feel relief. Pain is unique for each individual!

  • For a joint, such as a knee or ankle, apply all the way around the joint and 1-2 inches above and below the joint.

  • For feet, cover the area including the ankle with a thin coat.

  • For a large area, apply in a circular motion traveling just outside of where you feel pain on all sides.

  • Apply at bedtime if pain or discomfort make it hard to fall asleep and stay asleep. Many users report a more restful and relaxing night’s sleep after using Foot & Leg Comfort.

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★★★★★ This is new to me and will never be without it. I wake up several times a night with leg cramps so keep this on my nightstand and have used it several times. It works immediately at soothing my cramps and it seems like I am having them less often since using this product. I will never let myself run out of this!
~ Marcia W.

Cool Menthol Therapy Pain Relief Cream

Crafted for those clashing with arthritis, backaches, and muscle strains who need a strong partner to break the cycle of pain, Cool Menthol Therapy stands tall as an herbal dynamo. At its core, an impressive 2.75% active menthol derived from peppermint plants orchestrates a cooling symphony of relief, offering almost double the menthol concentration found in our revered Super Blue Stuff OTC. Feel the immediate cooling sensation as Cool Menthol Therapy glides effortlessly onto aching muscles. Its targeted therapy ensures precise relief, making it an ideal companion for those seeking localized, nature-infused comfort.


Cool Menthol Therapy quickly and effectively relieves your aches and pains without any negative side effects, making it safe to use long-term. This over-the-counter cream works fast for relief of pain anywhere you need it! You get to choose whether you want to use Cool Menthol Therapy on its own or in combination with our other great pain relief creams. Some days, one product may be all you need, and other days may call for a combination.

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★★★★ [Cool Menthol Therapy] Has a very pleasant odor for the amount of menthol in it.
~ Jean C.

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Pure Prime Emu Oil

For generations, the Aborigines have harnessed the healing properties of emu oil, a native ingredient exclusive to Australia. Born from the resilient emu bird, this precious oil has proved its worth in alleviating the pain, itching, and inflammation of insect bites, treating sunburns, and promoting the healing of wounds. It's also a holistic remedy cherished for soothing aches in muscles and joints.

Nature's Gentle Touch for Sensitive Skin

Emu oil emerges as a boon for sensitive skin and allergies, a natural skincare ally gentle enough for every age. It graces the skin without clogging pores, a non-irritating, non-toxic panacea for skin care.


A Harmony of Healing Practices: Emu Oil in Modern Medicine

Around the world, the remarkable benefits of emu oil echo in reports, covering a vast spectrum of uses:

  • Burns

  • Cuts

  • Rosacea

  • Eczema

  • Psoriasis

  • Dry and aging skin

  • Acne

  • Age spots

  • Wrinkles

  • Scars

  • Chapped lips

  • Skin rashes

Emu oil isn't just a tribal remedy; it's a modern-day healer. Doctors prescribe it for burn patients, plastic surgeons advocate its use for faster healing, and dentists integrate it into oral care for gingivitis and periodontal disease. Massage therapists rely on its soothing touch for conditions like gout, shingles, headaches, and arthritis. Even oncologists recommend it to patients dealing with hair and nail loss after chemotherapy.


Emu oil stands out as more than a moisturizer; it's a catalyst for skin transformation. Unlike moisturizers with phospholipids, emu oil penetrates all layers of the skin, hydrating even the deepest tissue. Over time, it contributes to skin thickening, fostering a smoother, softer, and more supple appearance.


The Essence of Purity: Pure Prime Emu Oil

Not all emu oils are created equal. Emu Therapy proudly presents Pure Prime Emu Oil as a testament to unadulterated quality. While some sources compromise with mixes to keep costs down, we stand firm against dilution. Our oil undergoes rigorous testing, ensuring it remains pure and untainted. We add only a minute amount of natural Vitamin E to preserve its pristine essence. It is also consistent from batch to batch – color, consistency, scent, and benefits. Embrace the purity, embrace nature's wisdom.


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★★★★★ Use it every morning on skin grafts from third degree burns. Keeps my feet and legs from tingling all day.
~ Robert H.

★★★★★ I was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. After surgery it was determined chemo was not necessary and I was sent for radiation. 33 treatments. I used emu oil immediately after each treatment and again before bed. The radiologist was very surprised I did not burn more than I did. It was slight and I have very fair skin so the one thing I attributed it to was the emu oil.
~ Shirley K.

★★★★★ My Husband has used every product on the market to try to heal cracked hands. This is the first product that actually works.
~ Norene G.

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Travel and Trial Sizes

A Little Bit Can Go a Long Way

Travel sizes are lightweight and compact, which makes them perfect for packing away, slipping into a side pocket or putting into a carry bag. Beyond the convenience for travel, these small sizes are great for trying new products out. Rather than spending more on a full-size container, you can buy a single-use or sample-sized product to test Super Blue Stuff, Super White Stuff, or Pure Prime Emu Oil for the first time. That also makes these great for handing out to friends, family, and even strangers who may have heard your stories of how amazing these products are, but haven’t experienced the benefits for themselves.


So whether it’s a journey around the world or trip around the corner, taking an old favorite with you or trying something new, our travel size products can be the perfect solution to a problem on the move. And we know that you want to keep moving, so let’s go!

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★★★★★ Love this for my leg pain and even foot cramps. I recommend it to all my friends and several of them use it.
~ Jennie C.

★★★★★ It definitely relieves pain. I have referred many people to purchase this product.
~ Gwen S.

★★★★★ My late spouse bought [Super Blue Stuff] by the case! Wanted to share the ‘pain relief’ with a friend.”
~ Cheryl A.

Emu Therapy Referral Program

Spread the Word!

Emu Therapy has a new referral program to encourage customers to share their stories about our products. It’s simple:


  1. Tell people what our products have done for you.

  2. Let them know how to order from us:

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  3. Tell them to mention that you referred them.

  4. You get 25% off your next order!


For each new customer outside your household, you will receive a separate discount to be used one per order. Stock up 2, 3, 4 or more!


It’s our way of saying “THANK YOU!” to our loyal customers. Why wait? Start sharing now! The more people order, the more you can save!

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Emu Therapy 60-Day Money Back Guarantee

We are so certain that you will love the products you get from Emu Therapy that we stand behind them with a 60-day money back guarantee. Contact us within 60 days of your purchase, let us know what your experience is, and we will do what it takes to resolve the situation, including coaching you on the best ways to use the products and tips from years of customer feedback involving different circumstances. Still, not all products work for all people, so if you are not 100% satisfied, you can return any unused products for an exchange or, if you prefer, a full refund of the purchase price (excluding shipping).

*NOTE: Pure Prime Emu Oil 4-oz., 8-oz., 1-qt., and 1-gal. bottles are not covered by the 60-day money back guarantee, but the Pure Prime Emu Oil 0.25-oz. sample bottle is. We ask that if you are a first-time emu oil buyer, please purchase the sample bottle to see how you like it. If you are satisfied, then you can order the larger sizes with confidence.