Buy more than one of an item and save on each one you buy. The more you buy, the more you save! Discounts go up based on a plan for the type of item it is.

  • Pain Relief: from 8% to 22% off
  • Healthy Skin Care: from 12% to 25% off
  • Travel Sizes: from 10% to 24% off
  • Volume Sizes: from 10% to 14% off

Mix and Match

To make our Quantity Pricing Discounts even better, BLUESPRING customers can buy items from the same group and get the same discounts as if you bought more than one of the same item! There are a couple of ways to tell which items share the same group:

  • The item numbers start with the same letters
  • The product images have the same color around the outside

That means if Joan Customer buys a 12-oz. bottle of Super Blue Stuff OTC, a Menthol Spray Booster, and a Capsicum Roll-on Booster, she will get 10% off each of them - the buy 3 price for each item purchased.