Stay Busy and Pain Free with Natural Pain Relief Products

Just as pain comes in different strengths, our pain relief products come in different sizes. Yet, don’t let the smaller jars fool you! Each of our travel sized products deliver full-strength over the counter topical pain relief without the addition of harmful ingredients. Our Super Blue Stuff travel version always contains the same unique blend of Pure Prime Emu Oil, menthol, MSM, and glucosamine that promotes the same pain relief, just in a tinier, more portable container.

We know that it sometimes takes a little trial and error to find out what works best for your pain, especially when you are determined to keep it natural. Use our travel-sized creams to double up on pain relief when a new injury triggers an older case of arthritis. Or even keep a few bottles around the house to hand out to those you meet who may be dealing with pain for the first time and are searching for a better way to find relief than filling their body with chemicals they can’t pronounce. Our travel size pain relief products are also great for stashing anywhere that you might need some quick relief. Put a bottle of our Pure Prime Emu Oil next to the sink to soften your hands and ease those tired knuckles after doing the dishes. Or stash some Super Blue Stuff in your gym bag for post-workout pain relief for athletes. Whether you are curious about our products or already in love with your Super Blue Stuff cream, our mini-versions offer the ultimate versatility.


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