Health Warning: Dangers of Arthritis Causing Bursitis

Health Warning: Dangers of Arthritis Causing Bursitis

Debra Murray


Arthritis and bursitis are hard to differentiate. Arthritis inflammation is caused by degenerative bone and connective tissue. Bursitis involves inflamed bursae, the fluid-filled sacs that surround the joints. Arthritis is one of the most common causes of bursitis.


The bursae are small structures that cushion the muscles, tendons and bones. The age-related "wear and tear" of osteoarthritis can easily lead to bursitis. However, the condition is more likely to stem from the systemic inflammation of rheumatoid arthritis.


The shoulders, elbows and hips are the most common places for bursitis to develop. The pain may also occur in the knees and heels or in the joints at the base of the big toes. Bursitis can occur almost anywhere that a joint performs a constant, repetitive motion.


Common Symptoms

Stiff, red and swollen joints are the most common bursitis symptoms. The affected joints often hurt more when they are pressed or moved. Resting the joints and applying topical treatments like Super Blue Stuff OTC from Emu Therapy may relieve bursitis pain caused by arthritis and protect the joints from further trauma. Medical attention may be required if bursitis causes bruising, shooting pain, disabling pain or fever.


Causes and Risk Factors

The same repetitive motions that cause some forms of arthritis also cause bursitis. Even prolonged sitting can lead to inflamed bursae in the joints. Bursitis is more common among older adults, and certain medical conditions increase the risk. Among them are diabetes and various forms of arthritis, such as osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and gout.


Common Treatments

Depending on the severity of pain, bursitis treatment may require medications, injections, therapy or surgery. However, most cases respond to more conservative measures like rest, ice packs, oral pain relievers and over-the-counter (OTC) creams. These home remedies and lifestyle changes are most effective for mild bursitis pain.


Super Blue Stuff OTC cream offers quick, topical pain relief for arthritis related bursitis. Formulated with natural emu oil and various botanicals, the product also works for arthritis, other joint pain, backaches, muscle pain and more.


In addition to emu oil, Super Blue Stuff OTC contains numerous therapeutic herbs including menthol, calendula, coriander seed, cornflower, feverfew, chamomile, linden, nettle, willow bark and witch hazel. Many of them provide safer pain relief than aspirin.



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