Breaking Health News on Knee Pain

Breaking Health News on Knee Pain

Debra Murray


If you experience knee pain it is usually caused by overuse, poor form during exercise and not warming up and/or stretching before physical activity. You can alleviate pain that has just started by doing the following:


  • Resting and avoiding activities that cause pain
  • Applying ice at least 4 times a day and keeping your knee elevated to bring down swelling
  • Using a safe topical pain reliever. Apply every ten minutes until pain subsides then 3 times daily
  • Using an ace bandage to provide support


You should contact a doctor if you have the following symptoms:


  • You are unable to bear weight on your knee
  • You are experiencing extreme pain
  • Your knee buckles or locks
  • Your knee appears to be deformed
  • You have redness, warmth or swelling around the knee
  • Your knee is numb, tingling or bluish in color


Two state of the art knee surgeries available to most patients are knee arthroscopy and knee microfracture. 


  • Knee arthroscopy involves making small cuts on your knee and probing inside of it with a tiny camera. The surgeon then uses medical instruments to repair it. 
  • Knee microfracture surgery is a procedure that is done to repair the damaged cartilage in the knee.


Recent studies show the ancient Chinese movement art known as tai chi can help ease knee pain in people who have knee osteoarthritis. This soft martial art encompasses flowing and gentle movements as well as balancing postures. It is also meditative in that it encourages your mind to focus on the body movements.


Another alternative therapy for knee pain is acupuncture. It is safe and has very few side effects. The procedure’s analgesic effect lasts up to a year.


There is evidence that certain types of exercise can help ease knee pain from osteoarthritis. The exercises must be done consistently in order to get any relief. Examples of good regimens are low-impact aerobics and swimming. Most people who stick with their exercise programs get good results. They benefit the most with regard to pain relief and mobility.


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