How To Manage Inconsistent Pain

How To Manage Inconsistent Pain

Debra Murray

Pain Is Inconsistent But Can Be Managed
Most days, you still feel like a teenager in your mind. You wake up, ready to get up and go, and excited to face the day. You're headed toward your retirement years and plan on making the most of them. There's only one problem. Your body has to keep reminding you that you are not as young as you used to be. You often find yourself struggling with daily aches and pains.

Some days are better than others, but the pain is there and your body doesn't want to move as easily as it used to. This especially proves to be true when you've pushed your self to the limit. The good news is there are steps you can take to manage your pain and have a better day.

Get Your Sleep
You need to have adequate rest every night. That means catching seven to eight hours for the best outcome. Your body will rejuvenate itself in the night, your aching bones will get some relief, and you'll have an easier time getting out of bed in the morning. Promote good sleep habits by limiting what you eat a few hours before bed, doing something that will relax you in the evening hours, and establishing a routine to create regular sleep patterns.

Pay Attention to Your Diet
Eat foods that are good for you. Load up on the fresh fruits and vegetables, stick with lean proteins, get your dairy, and use supplements. Your body will get the omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, calcium, and vitamins needed to remain healthy and strong.

Exercise and Watch Your Weight
Daily exercise is a good way to ward off pain. You may wonder how this is possible when there are some days that it seems impossible to move. However, once you get going, you'll find that it gets easier. Stop being active and you'll find yourself slowing down. Keep your weight down to put less of a strain on your bones and joints, reducing your pain.

Try Pain Management
Don't let pain get the best of you. When you do feel aches and pains coming on, you can always take a pain reliever. Another welcome alternative is a variety of pain relief boosters from Emu Therapy. Our Cool Menthol Therapy, along with Arnica Cream Booster and Red Hot Pepper Pain Relief Cream can be directly applied to your trouble spot for instant relief. They can be used alone or layered with Super Blue or White Stuff OTC pain relief cream. There will be no waiting around for medicine to kick in, keeping you going.



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