Simple Health Tips for Painful Fingers & Hands

Simple Health Tips for Painful Fingers & Hands

Debra Murray


Importance of Fingers and Hands

Individuals with pain in their hands or fingers must find relief. Our hands are vital for daily functioning. As an individual becomes older health conditions such as arthritis, carpel tunnel syndrome and fibromyalgia can make using fingers difficult.


Joints, muscles and tendons become sensitive and tender. There are various methods to reduce the discomfort of moving your fingers and hands. Most individuals use several ways to maintain health of their hands and fingers.


Massaging Methods

A relaxing hand massage can help fingers and hands feel better. Various massaging techniques are available at beauty salons and spas. An aesthetician can recommend a massage that is best for your health condition. They may suggest a warm stone, hot wax or water whirlpool therapy. After the massaging therapy, an aesthetician can apply gentle oils or lotions to your hands and fingers. Regular sessions of massaging therapy can have long-term benefits for the relief of pain.


Exercising Techniques

Instead of keeping your hands immobilized, use exercise to relieve pain. Stretch the fingers apart several times a day. Gently move your fingers and thumb together alternately to keep finger joints flexible. Bend your wrists up and down to assist in blood flow throughout your hands. Make fists with your hands while squeezing them occasionally. This will assist in developing strength in the tendons and muscles of your hands and fingers. Stronger muscles and tendons will help to make bone structure sturdier too.



A natural A properly balanced diet can help maintain the synovial fluid in your joints while reducing inflammation. Essential vitamins can assist your body in repairing damaged cartilage that surrounds joints. Individuals should also consume a well-balanced diet that includes fresh vegetables, fruits, dairy products, whole grains and lean meats.


Pain Relief

Using pain relief methods occasionally is also beneficial. Find a safe topical cream such as Super Blue Stuff OTC from Emu Therapy to rub gently on the skin of your fingers and hands. The ingredients in topical pain relievers will warm your hands while reducing discomfort. A fast alternative tip to relieve discomfort is placing warm or icy gel packs on fingers and hands for less than 20 minutes.


The next time you experience tough pain, reach for Cool Menthol Therapy from Emu Therapy. This powerful cream can be used alone or layered over Super Blue or Super White Stuff OTC. The cream is non-greasy and delivers a cooling effect to help relieve painful muscles and joints.





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