Your Pain Is Yours Uniquely

Your Pain Is Yours Uniquely

Debra Murray

Your Pain is Yours Uniquely, No One Else Has It


When my father invented Blue Stuff in the 1990’s, customers flocked to his door. He found that it worked on all kinds of pain, and sadly the list is long.


Since he was an inventor, he loved to experiment. This resulted in several different versions of Super Blue Stuff over the years. When I became involved in customer service I struggled for an answer of how to please all of his customers who sometimes wanted different versions of Blue Stuff.


So we embarked on an extensive research project to match our Super Blue Stuff OTC to the most original version that was loved by most customers. Happily, we succeeded.


But pain is unique, so there were always customers who would call and want another version. After years of thinking and more research we introduced the booster line. 


This allows our customers to layer the Boosters, with Super Blue Stuff or Super White Stuff to create their own custom pain relief!


Cool Menthol Therapy

It’s an added shot of menthol for when you need an extra boost. It is cooling and a great pain reliever. It may be too strong for some and others may prefer Super Blue Stuff, but it gives a great boost of relief, right where you need it.


Arnica Cream Booster

A boost of the herbal remedy Arnica Montana. It has great qualities on its own but when combined with the other herbs in Super Blue Stuff it becomes powerful. Arnica burns some with sensitive skin and we have other who use it on their face daily.


Red Hot Pepper Pain Relief Cream

For those who prefer more heat. Extra heating warmth and relief for tough pain! You can use it alone or layer it over Super Blue Stuff or Super White Stuff to customize your massage the booster.


Pain is extremely unique to each individual. 

Experiment with our safe natural products but realize no one else has your exact experience. Listen to your body and your results can improve.


Boosters provide you with the best value:


  • Use individually
  • Layer with Super Blue Stuff or Super White Stuff
  • Use only as needed


This way you will only need to purchase exactly what your body needs – no waste and it will go a long way towards providing the pain relief that you and your family need.


Remember your family members and friends might need a different combination for their pain than you do.



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