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HealthStyle: Beginner

Katie Hightower

    Embarking on a new journey can be overwhelming. You know that you want to make a change, but there are so many options and opinions that you can lose track of your original thought process. Finding the answers to the how, when and where can be the hardest part of the entire adventure! Luckily, Emu Therapy is here to help guide you as you begin your new HealthStyle!   Are you ready to get active and healthy? It can be especially beneficial to try out several different activities to find out what makes getting fit fun for you....

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How To Manage Inconsistent Pain

Debra Murray

Pain Is Inconsistent But Can Be Managed Most days, you still feel like a teenager in your mind. You wake up, ready to get up and go, and excited to face the day. You're headed toward your retirement years and plan on making the most of them. There's only one problem. Your body has to keep reminding you that you are not as young as you used to be. You often find yourself struggling with daily aches and pains. Some days are better than others, but the pain is there and your body doesn't want to move as easily as it used to. This especially...

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Hidden Secrets for Pain Relief

Debra Murray

If you read our product testimonials, you know why Emu Therapy brings you our booster line of pain relief products.   We want you to hear what customers are saying about ...   ... Arnica Cream Booster: I have been diagnosed minor meniscal tear on inside of left knee and equivalent of gout in knee. I tried the arnica cream on a lark and rubbed it in to affected area every morning. Within a week 95% of the pain and discomfort were gone and has stayed away. I am pleasantly surprised and very pleased.   Mike, Portland, Oregon   I immediately...

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